Where can I Buy the Tiffany Blue Kahr Arms PM9?

By Suzanne Wiley published on in Consumer Information

A picture of a Kahr PM9 pistol with a Tiffany blue frame, packed in a famous Tiffany box with a Tiffany necklace draped over it is making the rounds on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. I have seen plenty of comments asking where to get the gun. I understand why. What woman’s smile doesn’t get brighter when handed that distinctive blue box? What’s even better than jewelry? A 9mm inside that rather large Tiffany box. I can see how this picture is going viral right before the holidays.

Picture shows a Kahr Arms handgun finished in "Tiffany blue" laying in a box from Tiffany and Co.

What’s even better than jewelry? A 9mm inside that rather large Tiffany box.

Feeling highly doubtful the gun actually exists, I did some research—knowing some women will be putting this particular Kahr on the top of their Christmas wish list.

An Internet search led me nowhere, except to see that “Tiffany blue Kahr” is one of the top search terms on Kahr’s website. One of the pictures I saw on Facebook had a CerakoteGunCoatings.com watermark on it, so I started there. I called Cerakote Gun Coatings—a division of NIC Industries, Inc.—a company that makes ceramic firearm coatings and finishes. Matt at Cerakote told me he receives four to five phone calls and e-mail messages a day asking where to get the Kahr. He told me the “Tiffany blue” is not an official color, but one of its clients mixed blue, bright white, Ridgeway blue, and Corvette yellow to color-match the Tiffany blue perfectly.

From there, my search led me to veteran-owned Kilo Guns in Phoenix, Arizona. Wyatt Mahan, gunsmith and owner of Kilo Guns, mixed the Cerakote colors and completely customized the Kahr’s finish with the box and bonus necklace. He created a Walther in the same blue. Tiffany and Co. had nothing to do with the creation of the gun. The jewelry company requests that Wyatt stop engraving the Tiffany and Co. logo on any guns and he cannot provide the box or jewelry—you will have to get those on your own. The box and necklace were props for photos only. —We didn’t see that coming, now did we?

Wyatt has extremely imaginative designs. If Tiffany blue isn’t your thing, he can do much more than just solid colors. The first gun he refinished was a zombie camo pattern for Patriot Ordnance Factory and Hornady. One of my favorites is the cupcake and crossbones design.

Picture shows an AR-15 rifle custom finished white with a cupcakes and crossbones motif.

One of my favorites is the cupcake and crossbones design.

Wyatt does not sell the firearms, however he will provide custom refinishing and engraving to your gun’s frame and slide. He tells me he can recreate any pattern or design. In fact, he has a Glock in his shop right now getting a Gucci pattern. A single color process starts at $100.

And that, ladies, is where you get your Kahr or any other gun finished in Tiffany blue. The necklace is up to you!

If your lady must have her new piece finished in Tiffany blue or a fully custom design, contact Wyatt at Kilo guns for a consultation. After all, guns—not diamonds—are a girl’s best friend.

Find Kilo Guns on Facebook.

Are you putting a custom-designed, Cerakote-finish handgun on your Christmas list this year? What do you hope Santa brings you? Tell us in the comment section.


Introduced to shooting at young age by her older brother, Suzanne Wiley took to the shooting sports and developed a deep love for it over the years. Today, she enjoys plinking with her S&W M&P 15-22, loves revolvers, the 1911, short-barreled AR-15s, and shooting full auto when she gets the chance. Suzanne specializes in writing for the female shooter, beginner shooter, and the modern-day prepper. Suzanne is a staff writer for Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  • BeeBee


    I will be purchasing a 380 or maybe a 9 by December. As we move to CA in late December. Would love to have one in purple (purple for platelets – dx’d ITP in 2007) as with this disorder, even minor assault could cost me my life…more reason I am always aware and cautious of my surroundings. Better to be prepared at any case.


  • Sherry Clark


    Andrea-Would love to see pictures of guns made by Tiffany


  • Amanda Johnson


    I would love to have this gift set in a purple.


    • Kevin


      Look at the Ruger SR22 in purple.


  • Katie


    Thanks a bunch for all your research and information. I didn’t think it was something that Tiffany would sell but definitely caught my eye! I will be making use of Wyatt at Kilo guns! Thanks again!!!


    • Andrea


      Tiffany & Company did in fact produce beautiful firearms, intricate, embellished details ..but they stopped doing in the early 1900s 1808-1905?, and they are way more beautiful than that robins egg blue nine..


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