Bushnell Offers No Questions Asked Warranty on Optics

By Dave Dolbee published on in Gear, Gun Gear, Hunting

Bushnell is an iconic name for high-quality optics that are fog-, shock- and waterproof. Now, consumers can add bear-snack-proof, crazy-brother-in-law-proof, and even rough-handed-airline-baggage-handler-proof to its list of attributes. Regardless how your scope, binocular or spotting scope gets wrecked, Bushnell has one response: “Yes, that’s covered.” The all-new No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty applies to all riflescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes in the Trophy, Trophy Xtreme, Legend, Elite, and Elite Tactical lines.

Bushnell yes that is covered logo

“Yes, that’s covered!”

“It’s our absolute, everlasting pledge to honor our customers,” said Jordan Vermillion, Bushnell Global Director for Optics. “We’re proud of our products and we are willing to guarantee complete satisfaction. We promise to repair or replace our product and ship it back at absolutely no charge.”

The new No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty launched at the 2016 Archery Trade Association Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The new warranty is fully transferable and covers accidental damage as well as defects in materials and workmanship. No receipt or warranty card is needed. Bushnell will simply repair or replace the product with one of equal or similar value and/or specifications. Plus, unlike many competitors, Bushnell will return the product with no shipping or handling charges. It’s the best warranty in the business, and it’s only from Bushnell.

BUshnell has thrown down a great warranty. Which optic is in your future?

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Comments (8)

  • Cindy Ackerman


    I purchased a pair of 10×32 240 feet at 1000 yards bushnell binoculars. The eye piece has broken off. How do I get a replacement?


  • Bill from Boomhower, Texas


    That’s a good point, Dave. Will they honor scopes etc., purchased up to this point? I have never had anything more high line, than Bushnell on any of my hunting rifles, my whole life. Even still have one that was my favorite, untill it got dropped. The 3×9 Banner was excellent, and the 3×9 Sportviews have served me well in the field.


    • Dave Dolbee


      I will be talking to the guys from Bushnell next week at the show. I will confirm with them. I do know the press release talks about certain models. ~ Dave Dolbee


  • peteyraymond


    Does the “all-new No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty” apply only to recently purchased Bushnell products, or will it cover the Bushnell binocs I bought 20 years ago?


  • BIG AL


    Hooray for Bushnell!!! They are taking a page from Buck Knives. Does it matter in my next scope purchase? You’re damned right it does!


  • Pistolero


    I’ve been carrying my Bushnell rangefinder around for 10 deer seasons now and I believe it will out last me. I’ve been extremely pleased with its accuracy and reasonable acquisition price.


  • Mikial


    This is a good thing and I applaud Bushnell for doing it. Well done!

    For years I used Craftsman tools in my home and as a professional mechanic because no matter how old the tool was or how I broke it, they would replace it no questions asked. Hi Point guns are the same way. Even though officially the warranty is to the original owner, I’ve had them honor it with a gun I bought at a yard sale.

    So now I compliment Bushnell.

    Optics, and all shooting and outdoor gear get hard use, and for a company to give a warranty like this means I will look at their products first every time.


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