The Budget Bug-Out Bag: 20 Cheap Essentials

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Prepping can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Stockpiling non-perishables—especially prepackaged, long-shelf life meals—takes a good chunk of change. Not to mention, some survival equipment is costly. Don’t let the price of prepping scare you off. You can prepare a go-bag for less. If you are strapped for cash, you can build a budget bug-out bag perfect for your car or for an unexpected disaster that will keep you dry, fed, warm, and hydrated for 24 hours.

Note: prices are subject to change without notice.

Picture shows the back of a military surplus backpack with brown vinyl bottom in Polish puma camo.

A military surplus backpack makes a cheap bug-out bag.

The bag
Polish Puma camo ruck sack $9.97
The shelter
Coghlan’s tube tent $7.85
The warmth
Coghlan’s emergency blanket $2.18
Stay dry
Texsport emergency hooded poncho $1.18
Coleman biowipes $3.35

Knife and Tools
Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCutsaw para knife $17.00

Coghlan’s emergency candles 2 pack with metal candle holders $3.20

The little extras
Coghlan’s survival kit in a can with 38 items $11.46

The food

The water

The fire

First aid

Picture shows a blue foil package of Natural High's freeze-dried three bean chili.

Just add water for this three bean chili.


For about $120, you get everything you need to survive 24 hours in case of emergency.

Have you built a budget bug-out bag? Tell us what is in it in the comment section.

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