SHOT 2013 Preview: Browning to Expand X-Bolt Line

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Arguably, Browning has one of the most prestigious names in the firearms community. Their products are functional, durable and even beautiful. Browning set a high standard when it released the X-Bolt series by including a list of impressive features many popular rifles don’t have. For 2013, Browning is expanding its current line of X-Bolts to include the Hunter Full Line Dealer model.

Browning Hunter X-Bolt Full Line Dealer

Browning Hunter X-Bolt Full Line Dealer

The receiver will have a low-luster blued finish. Browning employs glass bedding to increase accuracy, and drill and tap the receiver for scope mounts. The free-floated barrel has a matte blue finish and the muzzle is target-crowned, meaning Browning tapered the outer edge of the muzzle toward the bore to create an 11-degree recess. This protects the rifling and ensures that gas pressure of the bullet releases equally as the projectile leaves the muzzle.

Browning still employs the familiar 60-degree bolt lift along with its adjustable feather trigger which the shooter can tweak down to three pounds. For easier reloading, the X-Bolt features a detachable polymer rotary magazine, which rests flush with the bottom of the rifle. This gives the gun a sleeker appearance. The shooter can keep additional magazines for faster reloading.

The tang safety allows the shooter to instantly assess the condition the rifle is in with just a quick glance and the bolt unlock button adds another measure of security. The Browning X-Bolt Hunter Full Line Dealer also features a Walnut stock with a raised cheekpiece and a checkered grip. This rifle is a bit exclusive since it will only be available to Browning’s Full Line and Medallion Dealers.

Calibers and Specifications

Caliber Barrel Length Overall Length Length of Pull MSRP
.243 Winchester 22″ 41.75″ 13.625″ $999.99
.308 Winchester 22″ 41.75″ 13.625″ $999.99
.270 Winchester 22″ 42.75″ 13.625″ $999.99
30.06 Springfield 22″ 42.75″ 13.625″ $999.99
7mm Remington Magnum 26″ 46.75″ 13.625″ $1,049.99
.300 Winchester Magnum 26″ 46.75″ 13.625″ $1,049.99
.300 WSM 23″ 42.75″ 13.625″ $1,049.99
7mm WSM 23″ 42.75″ 13.625″ $1,049.99
.325 WSM 23″ 42.75″ 13.625″ $1,049.99

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