How to Beat the Gun Ban!

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Some would call it fear mongering, others would accuse me of sabre rattling. I would just call it plain fun, common sense and an excuse I can use to buy a new gun without getting beat up too bad by the wife. Whatever you call it, the possibility of Obama getting reelected and another assault weapons ban is a reality that I intend to take preemptive action against. My reasoning is simple, based on history and my personal experience.

Stripped AR-15 Lower Receiver

When in stock, you can pick up a stripped receiver such as this for about $85. After that, you can build it out at your leisure—regardless of whether or not another assault weapons ban passes.

Although I worked in a gun and sporting goods store in the mid ’90s, I wasn’t in a position to take advantage of the chatter and advice I was hearing. Every employee understood the implications of Clinton’s Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Assault Weapons Ban to most of us). At the time, those in my circle with the means were buying as many AR lowers as they could afford.

The lower receiver is the only part of an AR that has to have a serial number and be registered. After the 1994 ban, you could still purchase stocks, sights and uppers, but you had to own the lower before the ban was in place to build a complete gun. Those who had the means to stock up before the ban, cleaned up after the ban.

Back then, lowers were fairly expensive compared to the entire cost of the gun. Today, it is a different story. The new polymer lowers—if you can find them in stock—run less than $40. Even a stripped aluminum lower is only $85. Those are prices worth buying a small stockpile and stashing in the back of the gun safe for later builds or as a hedge against Obama being reelected and imposing another weapons ban via the United Nations or Executive Order.

Since the lower requires registration, you’ll have to have it shipped to a local FFL. I live in central Illinois and although it’s not the closest firearms dealer, Pekin Gun & Sporting Goods has proven to be the most friendly and helpful in the past—so I had mine shipped to there.

Buying Online
Here is an admission that I am a bit embarrassed to make. I have never bought a firearm online before. Well, at least not until a few minutes ago. The process is really simple.

Order Confirmation

Ordering your firearms online and having it shipped to a local FFL is quick and easy.

I went though the normal checkout procedure on The system is programmed for firearms and AR lowers to be shipped to an FFL and gave me two options. The first was to pick a preferred dealer that was already in the system. This was easy and only required me to type in the zip code and then pick Pekin Gun from the resulting list. In fact, just about every local firearms dealer was already on the list, which was very comforting.

If my preferred dealer had not been on the list, all that would have been required was to contact the store and ask it to fax over its FFL information. This is a rather standard procedure and should not be a problem if you need to take this route. However, as I stated previously, I live in a fairly small town and all of my local dealers were already on the list.

Given the current political state parts are moving fast, but here are few links with parts in stock as of 11/1/12.

AR-15 Lower – Green

AR-15 Lower – Zombie

AR-15 Lower – Black

There are several others to choose from and new items are coming in all the time, so if it is out before you get yours, just sign up for an e-mail notice and you will be notified as soon as more are available.


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