Bear Ammunition Plant Explodes

By CTD Blogger published on in Ammunition

Just received news that the Ulyanovsk plant ammunition plant located 893 km south of Moscow in Russia suffered a catastrophic explosion. Ulyanovsk are the makers of the popular Bear Ammunition.

Reports are sketchy at this point, but RTE news is reporting 1 dead and 35 injured with another 35 that are missing. More than 3,000 have been evacuated in the wake of the explosion. Window panes were blown out and a towering inferno visible up to 15 kilometers away lit up the night sky.

According to,

“The blasts took place while munitions were being detonated in a controlled operation at the city’s number 31 arms depot, the Ulyanovsk branch of Russia’s FSB security service said in a statement.

Russia’s Defence ministry said that fire broke out when soldiers attempted to decommission munitions at Arsenal No. 31 “

It currently does not appear that the explosion will have any effect on the production of Brown Bear or Silver Bear Ammunition, as the plant was being dismantled as part of a planned decommissioning.


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