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Hornady A-Ma Bullets

Loading, Me, and the AR-15

When deciding upon a certain mission for a rifle, the lucky ones choose the caliber and then the rifle. If I wished to fire .223 Remington ammunition, I would do so in my beautifully accurate Howa rifle. I would not be concerned with powder burn rates, lubrication, and perhaps even barrel twist. But such is not the case. My rifle is the AR-15 and I like it very much. And this rifle is chambered for the .223 Remington. While no single tool is ideal for everything, the AR is my basic go anywhere do anything rifle. I fire it a lot. The expenditure of two hundred rounds in an evening is not out of the question. Only the most ardent bolt gun shooter, craving repetition, would approach that weight of brass with a bolt-action rifle.

Daniel Defense M4 Extended Trigger Guard

The Daniel Defense Rifle—Good Enough and Then Some

Today there are many opportunities to own a great rifle. There are even high dollar celebrity branded rifles that allow you to pay a premium to get the other guy’s name on your gun. No kidding. And then there are the basic claptrap rifles that work most of the time and are OK for plinking. They are a little loose and tie up on occasion, but hey, we are only shooting rats at the dump, right?