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Stevens 320 Pump shotgun

Top 10 Meat-producing Sluggers for Under $500

As the suburbs continue to encroach on deer habitat, game departments have become more restrictive about which bang sticks hunters may use when hunting in the deer woods. Whether you are looking to extend your season beyond archery and muzzleloader, or if sticks and strings and front stuffers are simply not what you are looking for, buying a slug gun does not have to break the bank.

Dan Wesson Guardian Pistol

Fire Damages Dan Wesson Firearms Plant

November 14, 2012 – Catastrophe struck the Dan Wesson Firearms plant in Norwich, New York when a fire broke out in the basement of the plant. Unfortunately, most of the ammunition for the plant is also stored in the basement. An employee was first to discover the fire, which was apparently caused by a faulty electrical system, but is under investigation.

BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle - Support Hand Charging

Keeping You Up With CQB Doctrine – BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle

If you are the type of person who can cite current CQB doctrine as easily as your birthdate—you should probably seek professional help. Luckily, I am that help! CQB doctrine dictates that the operator manipulates the charging handle with their support hand only. This eliminates the need to take your hand off the pistol grip, but may—depending on the buttstock and head placement—require the operator to lift their cheek from the stock. However, properly positioned, you should not have to lose a proper cheek weld.

Sabre Defense Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent

Gizmos & Gadgets — Bear Spray

Pepper spray or Oleoresin of Capsicum is a great defense against bears if deployed properly. Of course a .300 Weatherby or .454 Casull is preferential, but not always as practical or legal. For instance, when bowhunting elk with an archery-only permit—even in bear country—could result in legal troubles if you were caught with a sidearm. There is also the factor of accuracy when teeth and claws are coming your way at 30 mph.

Stripped AR-15 Lower Receiver

How to Beat the Gun Ban!

Some would call it fear mongering, others would accuse me of sabre rattling. I would just call it plain fun, common sense and an excuse I can use to buy a new gun without getting beat up too bad by the wife. Whatever you call it, the possibility of Obama getting reelected and another assault weapons ban is a reality that I intend to take preemptive action against.

Diamondback DB-15 rifle

Diamondback Firearms — New Colors and a New AR-15!

Diamondback Firearms made a statement about ultra-concealable pistols with the introduction of the DB380. Just as the market was getting comfortable with that idea, Diamondback upped the ante with the DB9 which is one of, if not the smallest, production 9mms ever produced. After a little digging, I have found Diamondback has come out with a few new surprises.

Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets

Gizmos & Gadgets – Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets for Hunters

Few critters have a sniffer that can match a whitetail and I have failed the test more than once. As far as I am concerned though, it’s a death sentence for a nanny to blow at me when I have a doe permit in my pocket. A doe that smart just needs to be removed from the gene pool. However, while I always welcome a doe down to provide good eats for the freezer, shooting does doesn’t help me hang any bone on the wall, which is a primary reason why I hunt.

Don’t Run Afoul of Oklahoma’s Open Carry Law Going Into Effect November 1

Gun Owners who Open Carry Must Have a Handgun License

Governor Mary Fallin today reminded citizens who plan to take advantage of Oklahoma’s “Open Carry” law to study the law and remain in compliance. Under the new law, which goes into effect November 1, 2012 citizens with a handgun license issued by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) will now be able to carry both concealed handguns and openly displayed handguns. Previously, license holders were only able to carry concealed weapons.

Chief Justice John Roberts SCOTUS portrait

Your Chance to Change the Supreme Court?

Americans are likely paying more attention to the economy than the Supreme Court, but they should be thinking about presidential court appointments and the effect the next election is going to have on the make-up of the court. Of course, there is no guarantee that the next President will get to appoint a justice to the bench, but the possibility certainly exists. The effect on the court could change the way we live our lives as well as the guns we can own.

Several sticker of gun images aranged similar to tradional family stick figures

Make Your Second Amendment Pride a Family Affair

There are several traditional ways to state your support for the Second Amendment. For instance, you could simply display the actual language of the Second Amendment, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.