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Crossbows — Crank it up!

Have you ever wanted to buy a crossbow, but were scared off by the poundage rating? After all, 150 to 200 pounds can be rather daunting. Not to mention medical maladies such as back injuries, bending restrictions and the worries of a little more girth in the midsection than some of us would prefer.


Gizmos & Gadgets — Moultrie Feeders 30-Gallon Pro Hunter Game Feeder

Game feeders are a great way to concentrate wildlife in a small area for hunting, photography and wildlife viewing. While they are not legal in all areas and certainly not suitable for regions were wildlife are susceptible to certain diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), they are perfect in many areas. The harsh Texas brush country is rugged and unfriendly. Supplementing feed increases antler growth and provides the necessary nutrients to sustain deer and other wildlife during critical seasons.

Game Camera Attachment

Game Cameras — Money on a Tree

During your preseason scouting this year try something new. Grab five or even 10 $20 bills and hang them on a local tree with a nail or bungee cord. Then, come back in a few days, and see which type of bucks you find—brown or green. It sounds crazy right? Yet that is exactly what thousands of hunters do each year when they strap a trail camera to tree with a simple tie down or bungee cord and walk away. We are all guilty and have felt that sick feeling when we went to check our camera and hoped it would still be there.

Archer Xtreme Titanium Xtreme bow sight

Archer Xtreme’s Titanium Xtreme Bow Sight

The Titanium Xtreme Just Might be the Last Sight You’ll Ever Buy — Unless You Have a Backup Bow of Course!

Today’s elite, camo-clad warriors demand lighter, stronger and more reliable archery equipment able to handle the extremes of lands untouched by human hands as well as it does the back 40. Constructed from 6016T6 titanium, the Titanium Xtreme is unlike any other sight on the market and it addresses the X-Factors that can cause lesser sights (from other manufacturers) to fail at critical times during the hunt or at the range. Titanium has long been recognized for its superior characteristics of strength, durability and light weight—making it a top choice of engineers for aircraft, missiles, rocket construction and now archery sights.

Laser Lyte Reaction Tyme unit

Beat the High Cost of Ammo and Shoot More

Ammunition is in short supply, but high demand these days. As soon as it is delivered at the loading ramp, the line starts forming in anticipation of when it will hit the shelves. The high demand has also caused prices to follow, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to let our hard-earned skills suffer as a result.

Adventure Medical Kit

Got a Tourniquet?

I doubt it applies as much for the regular audience here at Cheaper Than Dirt!, but the Boston bombing was a wake up call for much of America. After all, I doubt many of you reading this hope there is someone in your area with a firearm to protect you if your house was about to be robbed and you were inside. Most likely, you would be prepared to be the last line of defense and protect yourself and loved ones. Likewise, in the event of a catastrophe you would likely be prepared with a cache of water, food and medical supplies. However, philosophies change and supplies need to be occasionally rotated, replaced or added to.


Turkeys From Field to Mounts

Besides a good meal, turkey legs, spurs, beard and feathers are trophies worthy of preservation. Best of all, they are every bit as beautiful as a trophy buck, but won’t take up as much space on the wall. You can also care for the trophy yourself instead of paying big bucks to a taxidermist because turkeys—overall—are easy to preserve, but some parts are easier than others.