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Dave Dolbee with trophy Quebec-Labrador Caribou.

Five Tips for Cold Weather Hunter Safety

A guest post by Jim Moore, founder of

This year it does not matter whether you hunt in Texas, Virginia or Michigan, you are dealing with colder weather than you have faced in years when hunting. You need to be sure all your hunting party is well prepared for cold weather hunting with hunter education training for cold weather.

LC380 with Crimson Trace

Ruger Announces New Models for 2014!

It’s a good thing the jolly red elf has not finished his rounds yet, because Christmas lists need to be revised ASAP! The good folks at Ruger just released the new additions for 2014 and there seems to be a little something to top every shooter’s wish list.

Hunter ed course green and orange logo with crosshairs

12 Tips for a Safe Holiday Hunt

A guest post by Jim Moore

It is a tradition around my house—when my son returns home every Christmas—we head to the pheasant fields for a bird hunt. He generally hasn’t hunted since the previous Christmas, so the first thing we review is the 12 Rules of Hunter Safety as featured in the online hunters safety course.

Assortment of Knives

The Edged Tool at Hand

A guest post by Pete in Alaska

What makes the knife perhaps one of the most important tools you could have in the field or… anywhere? Stop for a moment and consider what you could use a good blade for on any given day.

Go ahead, take five seconds and count them up—surprised?

HUnter wearing blaze orange shooting a McMillan rifle from a prone position through sage brush.

5 Tips for Hunter Safety

By Jim Moore,

The big day is here: Opening Day!

You waited all year for this day and you don’t want it ruined with an accident, so prepare yourself and your equipment for a safe, fun day in the field.

Hunter Ed Course instructor explaining zone of fire to a young hunter.

5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Zone of Fire in the Field

A Guest Post By Jim Moore

Hunting day is here. We’re all excited on that first day of hunting, but we must remember that safety in the field is the number one priority. A key rule of hunter safety training is to make sure you understand the concept of a safe “Zone of Fire” and that all your hunting buddies do too.

Hunting Training: Kilamanjaro Blue Wildebeest

Hunting Training: Once in a Lifetime Hunt!

A guest post by Pete in Alaska

So, you’ve saved and dreamed for years and done without, but… Finally… The planets aligned, you have a guide, purchased tickets, gear packed and you’re ready to go to Alaska for Kodiak, Caribou or Dall Sheep, maybe Africa for Kudo or Cape Buffalo, perhaps New Zealand for Targ, or some other equally remote and extreme environment for your dream hunt of a lifetime.

Is your shelter visible from any road?

What Makes a Good Bug-Out Location?

I’m going to tell you a true story, but to protect my friend’s privacy and OPSEC—as all good preppers should do—I’m going to remain as anonymous as possible. I’m telling you because I believe in helping people and I like to imagine a world after SHTF where we help each other rather than hinder each other, so here it goes…