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Through The Shooter’s Log, shooting sports and outdoor enthusiasts can learn more about firearms, shooting, fishing, bowhunting, camping and survival preparation. The Shooter’s Log features engaging, educational, and entertaining articles covering a variety of topics written with the novice as well as the experienced outdoorsman in mind.

“Team CTD” consists of shooting sports experts and outdoor enthusiasts who share a common passion for the shooting sports, the great outdoors, and helping others. Each team member contributes his or her individual talents and knowledge to assist other shooting sports and outdoor enthusiasts in their own pursuit of the great outdoors.

Whether you’re in the field, at the range, or on the water, one of our staff members might be right there enjoying the sport with you. Who knows, you may not see that deer but you may see one of us instead!

Our Mission

The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog, “The Shooter’s Log,” is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. Part of that mission is to present pending gun legislation—the good and the bad. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions; to do so requires knowing as much information as possible. The information provided does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!



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