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Ten Top-Rated AR-15 Manufacturers

Written by Suzanne Wiley on . Posted in Firearms

Though the AR-15 platform has little variety in operation, there is a huge variation in quality, reliability and accuracy in the hundreds of different AR-15 brands available. Many new to the black rifle ask which AR-15s are the best. Usually a list like that would be subjective to fit and feel for the individual shooter; however, in “Ten Top-Rated AR-15 Manufacturers, one Shooter’s Log writer has quantified what makes the best AR-15 and provided you a list of the best of the best.

Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up, August 16-22, 2015

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It was a relatively slow news week, which is usually good. There weren’t any major gun control laws passed, major 2A violations or other shocking news that would make the firearms community act and act fast. However, that doesn’t mean things weren’t happening. California reformed it’s “gun violence restraining order” law—a win for gun owners there, North Carolina’s Governor signed a bill allowing National Guard members to conceal carry and a compliant was filed against the NRA in Connecticut. Read these stories and more in the Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap UP.