5 Reasons Legal Gun Owners Go to Jail

By Woody published on in News

In this video, U.S. Law Shield and Texas Law Shield President Kirk Evans explains the top five reasons why legal gun owners go to jail — even when they are acting in legal ways using legal firearms.

So you watched the video? Do you think this should be happening? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section.

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  • mmiamidea


    Miles you must be a bad cop or horrible attorney, most states do not require unless asked about ccw and two are outright no duty learn the law if you dont want to look like a fool


  • Kirk W. Evans


    Thanks for the great comments folks. We appreciate everyone’s interest in protecting our Second Amendment rights.


  • Miles


    Actually, Doc, you are off quite a bit. The instances you described quite often DO give sufficient reason (“reasonable suspicion”, NOT probable cause) for an officer to request I.D. Association, demeanor, etc., the list goes on. I hope that you did not pay the “Constitutional Attorney” a lot of money since his advice is wrong, based on the facts you gave. Secondly, most states require you to identify yourself as a CCW holder AND to produce your I.D. without being asked for it. By the way, since you were tossing around credentials, I am a cop and an attorney.


  • Dr. Rick


    The information provided in the aforementioned video, was quite informative. Thank you for posting the video, as well as thank you to the attorney who presented in the video.

    Would you want your surgeon to know what they’re doing? Or simply guess? My point is, is that LEO should at least know the basic laws. Since they’re asked to enforce those said laws. I’ve found on enough occasions, that that’s not the case with LEO. Many LEO’s have a propensity to violate people’s 4th amendment rights. Simply, by asking a passenger (in a vehicle the LEO stopped for a moving violation) for identification. There is NO reason to ask a passenger in a vehicle for their ID. Unless, the officer, feels, the passenger committed a crime, is about to commit a crime. Or the LEO reasonably suspects the passenger is “going” to commit a crime…i.e. in possession of burglar tools, etc. But, how many times has an officer requested to see a person’s ID based on association alone? And that is not a good enough reason to request or see that person’s ID. At that juncture, you’re violating the person’s 4th amendment right. If the person refuses to provide their ID. And the office, then states, if a cops ask for ID, you must present it, or else you could be arrest. Now, the LEO, is using threat and intimidation tactics.. And quite possibly violating your 1st amendment rights.

    Though I’m a surgeon, I am a responsible CCW holder. And the incident I described above. Has occurred to me several times. I finally got fed up with this. Because I honest believed I had to provide ID whenever a LEO asked for it. I consulted with a Constitutional Attorney, who informed me otherwise. I hope this helps people out.

    I would like to affirm, that I sincerely appreciate everything our LEO’s do for the public. Of course there’s a few bad apples in any profession. I’ve found most LEO are honest, sincere who have integrity. That being said, I advise anyone who’s a CCW holder, to know the laws. As well as, know your rights too. And remember, police officers are people too. And many would agree with the public.


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