Cheaper Than Dirt! Contest: Battle for the Best Bug-Out Bag

By Suzanne Wiley published on in Consumer Information

Is your bug-out strategy the best? Do you have the skills, knowledge and gear to get through whatever life hands you—be it hurricanes, blackouts, or civil unrest? Cheaper Than Dirt! challenges you to show us what you got for a chance to win $300 worth of survival supplies.


Cheaper Than Dirt! announces the Battle for the Best Bug-Out Bag September 2014 contest. Starting September 5 and running through September 30, 2014, Cheaper Than Dirt! is accepting entries to its Battle for the Best Bug-Out Bag contest. The grand prizewinner will win up to $300 worth of survival supplies. A second place winner will be awarded a $100 Cheaper Than Dirt! e-gift card and two third prizewinners will win a $50 e-gift card each.

[Entry for The Battle for the Best Bug Out Bag is now over. We will announce the winner on October 17th. Thank you to all of those who entered!]

Entering is fun and easy! We want to see what items you feel are essential to survival—whether bugging in or bugging out.

To enter:

  1. Shop our website for survival supplies and a container or bag to put them in. We know you already have the guns and ammo, so leave those out.
  2. With a budget of $300 (excluding shipping and taxes) put the items in your cart.
  3. Take a screen shot of your cart and send it to Alternatively, email us your list of items including a short description of the item, the URL or the Cheaper Than Dirt! item number at  Best Bug Out Bag Battle Shopping CartCheaper Than Dirt! Best Bug-Out Bag Contest
  4. In your message, include your name, a valid working email address, city and state.

It is as simple as that!

The grand prizewinner will receive their bag or container and everything they put in it!

Now for the Rules

  1. Your $300 budget includes the price of your bag or container.
  2. All of the items you choose must fit in the bag or container of your choice or attach on the outside of it.
  3. Items must relate to survival or preparedness.

You will be automatically disqualified from winning the Battle for the Best Bug-Out Bag contest if you:

  • Include guns or ammo
  • Do not include your name, city, and state in your entry form
  • Do not have a valid email address
  • Your items and bag add up to more than $300
  • You shopped anywhere else other than or Cheaper Than Dirt!’s catalog


Our team of experts will judge your entry using the following criteria.


Did you think outside the box?


Did you pick items that would really aid in a survival situation?

Weight, space, size and number of bag and items in it.

Less is more!

Feel free to include a short description of why you chose the items you did. However, this will not increase or decrease your chances of winning.

We will announce the winner of CheaperThanDirt!’s Battle for the Best Bug Out Bag on October 17, 2014.

Good luck!


UPDATE Oct 18, 2014

Due to the overwhelming response, we will make our announcement in a new blog post on Monday, October 20. Stay tuned!

UPDATE Oct 20, 2014

CLICK HERE to read the winner announcement.

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  • Bob-B-Q


    Any update on the winners?


    • Jim


      The winners have been announced.


  • Good Shepard


    Fingers crossed for a good birthday in that case!! Looking forward to the results


  • Bret P.


    Ahhhh,now I see it,scroll up just a bit guys,they snuck a notice in here on us,says due to the overwhelming response,they’ll be announcing the winner on Monday the 20th instead of today.

    UPDATE Oct 18, 2014

    Due to the overwhelming response, we will make our announcement in a new blog post on Monday, October 20. Stay tuned!

    I guess that’s what I get for being sarcastic,LOL.


    Gonna be a long weekend,cant hardly wait,feel like a kid waiting to open my presents on xmas.


  • Derek C


    Hehe the second extension, hm?

    That’s alright, I’m just really excited to see the results!

    New blog post on the 20th, thank you for the update.



  • CTD Lady Blogger


    Due to the overwhelming response, we will make our announcement in a new blog post on Monday, October 20. Stay tuned!


    • Tyler


      Anxiously awaiting the results!!!


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