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By Lisa Metheny published on in Ammunition

“Due to the high cost of ammunition, no warning shots will be given!” This little phrase puts a humorous spin on a growing concern many shooters are now dealing with. Have you noticed the price of ammunition these days? If you are like most of us, you can not help but notice the cost of a box of ammo continues to rise.

Reloading is nothing new; in fact it has been around for as long as the firearm has been around. If one was to study the highs and lows of the world of reloading you would most likely discover its popularity corresponds with the highs and lows of the economy.

Ask any avid reloader the reason why they reload and the answer will probably fall within one of these three categories.

  • They shoot so often, reloading is the only way they can afford to shoot.
  • They have hard time finding particular calibers, and reloading is the only reliable supply source they have.
  • They fall into the “prepper” category and are just planning for the worse case scenario and hope to have plenty of ammo on hand when it all hits the fan.

Whatever your reason for reloading, Cheaper Than Dirt! offers several products for the home reloader.

  • Speer Reloading Manual 14

    A good reloading manual is always helpful.

    If you are looking for in-depth, how-to information on everything reloading than you need to check out the Speer Reloading Manual Number 14. This book, which is often referred to as the “original bible of reloading,” is still the number one go-to reference manual for reloaders.

    Speer offers detailed information, illustrations, photographs and charts depicting each step of the reloading process. It also offers valuable bullet data, such as energy and velocity tables plus trouble shooting techniques for common reloading problems.

  • Hornady Reloading and Bullet Accuracy DVDIf you are new to the world of reloading, and have little knowledge on where to begin, here is a DVD you may want to check out. The name Hornady is synonymous with ammo so it is no wonder acclaimed shooters Joyce and Steve Hornady have expert knowledge to share with the beginner or professional reloader. This DVD also features an introduction to metallic reloading.
  • Every reloader knows you can never have too many space-saving boxes to store and keep your ammo organized. Thanks to the low price, you can afford to buy various sizes. The MTM Case-Gard R 50 Series holds 50 rounds of small rifle ammunition and is made of sturdy green polypropylene which does not warp, crack, peel or contract.
  • RCBS Reloading Special 5 Press

    Invest in a quality press. It will pay for itself in the long term.

    Veteran reloaders know having quality reliable equipment can make a world of difference when it comes to reloading.  The 5 Single Stage Press from RCBS is designed for a lifetime of reloading. With its 30-degree opening and 3-3/4” hand clearance coupled with the bicycle-type grip and primer arm which allows you to prime cases at the same time it is great choice for the skilled veteran reloader or the beginner novice reloaders alike.

Regardless of your level of reloading experience Cheaper Than Dirt! offers everything you need at the best prices to keep you busy reloading cartridge after cartridge of your favorite caliber for years to come.

Are you a reloader? What are your favorite tips for keeping yourself stocked and ready to enjoy your shooting activities? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


Lisa Metheny is a published award-winning outdoor writer, photographer, speaker and outdoor skills instructor. Lisa holds several instructor certifications and conducts a number of women-focused outdoor seminars on topics such as archery and hunting throughout the year. She regularly teaches hunters education and archery classes and has become an advocate for promoting traditional outdoor recreation to families across the United States. Lisa is also an avid and accomplished hunter with many big game species to her credit. She is a member of POMA and former Board of Directors member as well as a member of the NRA, RMEF, MDF and DU.

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  • Martin pierce


    Somebody else started it. I just finished it. All my comments about reloading come from years of practical and long experience. I have a phone book full of references on that subject. I have forgot book/s full of stuff since then.


  • Anti Aguila


    I just read what was said about M. P. And what’s up with that. If you want to hate go do it somewhere else please. I read these comments to see what information I can get as far as rreloading.i agree with cheaper than dirt keep it about reloading.


  • Martin Oierce


    Was buying speer plastic cases and bullets for a while long time ago until i started to make my own from trimmed down brass and bullets out of hotmelt glue in a bullet mold with some pam as a release agent. Works great and still does. Add a half grn. of bullseye powder for a little extra oomph!.


  • Martin pierce


    Yes, I am Arrogant and proud of it. But I am Not a bastard. I know because my father told me so, and my brother too. He is also arrogant like me and proud of it. I can afford to be from years of working hard and saving my money instead of chasing skirts and beer.


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