AR Replacement-Stock Options, Part 2

By Robert Sadowski published on in Firearms

Last week, I covered five stocks worth considering if you are thinking about swapping out your original A2 fixed stock: Ace LTD.’s (HMR) Hammer Stock, Boyds’ Wood Laminate Stocks, FAB Defense’s GL-MAG M4/AR-15 Survival Buttstock, Hogue OverMolded Rubber Collapsible Buttstock, and the LaRue Tactical R.A.T.

This week, we examine five more models that offer a variety of adjustment to make your AR-15 more comfortable, more adaptable, and perhaps more accurate.

Bravo Company Manufacturing BCMGunfighter Stock

BCMGunfighter Stock

Bravo Company Manufacturing’s BCMGunfighter Stock has a snag-free design so gear and slings won’t get tangled.

Bravo Company Manufacturing’s BCMGunfighter stock is strong and lightweight and built for Mil-Spec receivers. It incorporates a new patent-pending latch system and stock body engineered to dissipate impact stress when dropped or when the shooter is performing malfunction clearance drills. The snag-free design has no sharp edges, so gear and slings won’t get tangled. The buttpad is rubber for secure shouldering of the weapon. Included are two types of ambidextrous sling mounting options with QD swivel sockets. Color options include Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green, and Wolf Gray. Cheaper Than Dirt! carries many other Bravo Company products, but not the BCMGunfighter stock. The manufacturer’s product code for the stock is BCM-GFS-MOD-0-BLACK, $59.95.

Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock

Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock

The Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock eliminates forward or lateral play.

Constructed with tough, glass-infused polymer with a soft-touch rubber overmolding, the Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock is purpose-built to be used on Mil-Spec lower receivers to eliminate any forward or lateral play. The buttpad comes in two sizes: a thick convex shape and thinner concave shape to reduce snagging when shouldering a weapon. QD swivel-attachment points are built in for ambidextrous sling connection. Cheaper Than Dirt! carries quite a few Daniel Defense rifles fitted with the company’s Collapsible Buttstock, but we don’t sell the stock separately. The company’s product code for the Mil-Spec black unit is 21-091-04179-006, $69.95.

Law Tactical Gen3 AR Folding Stock Adapter

Law Tactical Connector folded AR-15 rifle stock

Law Tactical’s Gen3 adapter fits any A2, carbine, Mil-Spec or commercial buffer tube stock, allowing the stock to fold to the left side of the rifle.

The AR platform was not designed to work with folding stocks, but Law Tactical’s Gen3 adapter fits any A2, carbine, Mil-Spec or commercial buffer tube stock, allowing the stock to fold to the left side of the rifle. It works with with either full-auto or semi-automatic standard bolt-carrier groups and for either AR-15 or AR-10 rifles. Push a button to fold the stock; it automatically locks in place when extended. The enhanced Gen3 adaptor has a lower hinge to eliminate interference when charging the weapon. Note: When the stock is folded, the AR cannot be fired. Cheaper Than Dirt! doesn’t carry the Gen3 AR Folding Stock Adapter. The manufacturer’s stock number for the part is #2014003, $229.99.

VLTOR IMOD (Improved Modular) Stock


Constructed of impact and temperature-resistant polymer, VLTOR’s IMOD stocks are available in Mil-Spec and commercial configurations as well as standard and clubfoot styles.

The IMOD (Improved Modular) stock is more rugged and more comfortable to use than the standard M4 adjustable stock. It is constructed of impact and temperature-resistant polymer and is available in Mil-Spec and commercial configurations as well as standard and clubfoot styles. The clubfoot style offers better prone or seated position shooting, allowing the operator to control the stock with his non-shooting hand. Both models have waterproof storage compartments and rubber buttplates. Cheaper Than Dirt! sells a variety of VLTOR IMOD products starting at $94.95.

Ergo F93 Pro Stock

The eight-position adjustable F93 collapsible stock by Ergo has one of the longest length-of-pull adjustments available for AR-platform carbines or rifles. The collapsed measurement is 8 inches, and the fully extended length is 12 inches. The cheekpiece is fixed for a constant and repeatable cheekweld.

Ergo F93 Pro Stock for AR-15

Ergo’s F93 Pro Stock is an eight-position collapsible unit. Cheaper Than Dirt! has the AR-15 versions in Black, Dark Earth, OD Green. There’s also an AR-10 model.

The F93 comes equipped with a rubber-like recoil pad for enhanced shooting and positive placement in your shoulder pocket when kitted up or not. Two quick-detach sling-attachment points are offered. Cheaper Than Dirt! has the stock in three finishes, all $144.99: Black, Dark Earth, OD Green. There’s also an AR-10 version for the same price.

Additional models covered in the next installment will be the Luth-AR MBA adjustable stock, Magpul ACS Carbine Stock, TacStar AMRS “Adjustable Match Rifle Stock,” and MFT Minimalist Stocks with Paracord.

What mods are you making to your AR?  What mods would you like to read about? Tell us in the comment section.

Product pricing and availability are as of time of publication and subject to change without notice at any time.



Robert Sadowski has written about firearms and hunting for nearly 15 years. He is the author of four gun books, editor of three others and is a contributor to numerous gun-enthusiast magazines, including Combat Handguns, Black Guns, Tactical Weapons for Military and Police, Gun Tests, Personal and Home Defense, Gun Hunter, SHOT Business, and others. He has a personal affinity for large-caliber revolvers and the AR platform.

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Comments (7)

  • Thor


    How about AR-10 information? Will any of these work on full sized rifles. The 5.56mm is not legal for hunting big game in Colorado including those with 2 legs. I can’t buy 5 different rifles–one will have to do for self defense, mule deer, elk, bear, maybe blue grouse, and critters. Thor.


    • Robert Sadowski


      Thor: Many of these stocks are compatiable with the AR-10 platform. Check the manufacturer’s website for exact specs.


  • Robert Sadowski


    Exactly, users need to know how they will use their AR to best determine what stock to use. It’s a Coke and Pepsi (RC Cola, too) world so what works for me might not work for you. Magpul makes excellent stocks, I’ve hunted with them and dropped and stepped on them too many times to list. I like a cheek weld against polymer and the VLTOR IMOD is sweet on a Colt LE-901 in either caliber. I have more but maybe that’s for Part III?


  • Chris


    Nice show case of options but I really would like to see more on why.. each shooter needs to have an understanding of what the are looking to accomplish with a stock replacement. Are you geared up or just a range shooter? Are you going to use the rifle with armor or a vest/chest rig? How easily do these options impede or aid in shoulder transitions. Are the QD cups range of movement limited?

    Again nice basic advertising but no real practical information. No mentuon of the gold standard, MAGPUL.


  • Matt


    You left off the best stock out there, B5 Systems Enhanced and BRAVO SOPMOD. Good enough to be the choice of the ARMY to supply their SOPMOD stocks.


    • Robert Sadowski


      So many good AR stocks, so little time…maybe in Part III?


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