GSG Sturmgewehr 44 in .22LR: World War Classic Reborn as Fun Plinker

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Two years ago, I wrote about the prototype of STG-44  rifle in .22LR. Recently, I got my hands on the updated version and tested it.

STG 44, CCI .22LR ammo and magazine pouches

The trigger is much improved. Now it is lighter and no longer gritty.

STG44 Grip close-up on camo cloth

The click-adjustable rear sight still has to be raised to get correct point of impact. However, it’s now less miscalibrated than before—instead of a 600m mark for 25 yards, it’s about a 300m mark. While still off, it does leave more room for longer range adjustments. You can remove the rear sight and replace it with an optional Picatinny rail suitable for mounting optics.

STG 44 Adjustable Rear Sight

The protected front sight is the same as before. A triangular sight blade works well for aiming at small targets.

STG 44 Protected Front Sight


With iron sights and CCI mini-mag ammunition, the STG44-22 yields about one-inch groups at 25 yards. It does better with optics.

STG44 Rifle with Protected Front Sights


The 24-round magazine is sturdy, easy to load and  is the right length for support in prone firing. It is longer than the original 7.92mm STG44 magazines and will not fit surplus or reproduction pouches. The load assist tab moves as the ammunition is depleted, so the shooter has to avoid blocking it with the support hand.

STG 44 Standard Capacity Magazine


This hold would eventually cause a misfeed. Unlike the centerfire original, the rimfire rifle doesn’t heat up quickly, so it’s safe to hold by the forend.

STG44 Rifle in live-fire action


Another quirk is the safety lever that follows the original design and may feel counter-intuitive to American users. It moves up for fire, down for safe.

STG44 in Live Fire Action


Except for the magazine, the rifle is visually indistinguishable from the original. It proved comfortable and reliable in use, and would also be a good fit for WW2 reenactors.

STG44 .22LR Rifle in action on the field


Grab this rifle and a surplus uniform, and you too can pretend to be a dashing Fatherland Security enforcer or an Eastern Front Army hero. If playing a 1940s German is not to your taste, there’s always the option of playing the other side.

Reenactor with the rimfire STG44


One competent ambush and the newly acquired STG44 can be turned against its former owners…or just enjoyed at the range.

A good ambush the the STG44 gets a new owner


Unlike some .22 reproductions, this one is accurate enough to be used as a working rifle and not just a plinking toy.

STG44 in live fire action while kneeling

For best results, a low-power scope is recommended…which I will discuss in the next part of this review.

Have you shot the GSG Sturmgewehr 44 in .22LR? Tell us about your experience in the comment section.



Oleg Volk is a long-time advocate of personal liberty, including the right to keep and bear arms. He works with numerous firearm and accessory companies as a creative director, advertising photographer and writer. He is based in Nashville, TN.

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Comments (19)

  • rick


    I think I was “the first kid on the block” to get an StG44 when they came out, shortly after the 2013 SHOT Show. Due to pricing and availability of rimfire ammo, I have not shot it very much, but do have some hundreds of rounds through mine. The only issue I’ve had, is that it just will not eject live rounds. It’s not a big deal if the gun is shot dry every string, but if you shoot the gun in any sort of competition that requires clearing the chamber, it is a real pain. The original sight set-up was essentially 100 yards = 10 feet, so setting the sight on “70” is good for 70ft/25yds, but it does sit very high above the rifle, and some have installed two washers between the sight and base to allow the rear sight to be set lower. The newer rifles must have a taller front post?


  • Margo Ann


    This is for you Mike.. I bought a set of STG 44 mag pouches from IMA and they were a perfect fit for the mag that came with the rifle and 6 extra mags that I bought.


  • MikeM.


    Ordered one from CTD. The order and transfer via a local FFL holder was flawless.

    Finally able to go shooting with it today and it was really fun. Targeted on-paper immediately and got a good zero at 25 yards within a minimum number of rounds. Absolutely no problems.

    This is an accurate, rugged, and fun shooter. I’m pleased beyond words.


  • Secundius


    If your having problems tracking down WW2 military equipment and parts. You might try International Military Antiques in Gillette, NJ. their website is


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