30 Survival Uses for Sandbags

By Suzanne Wiley published on in Camping & Survival

Though great for preventing flood waters from damaging your home, these Indonesia-made MIL-SPEC sandbags constructed of heavy-gauge polyethylene plastic have many more uses.

Though great for preventing floodwaters from damaging your home sandbags have many more uses.

Though great for preventing floodwaters from damaging your home sandbags have many more uses.

Each package includes 25 OD green bags that have double stitching at the bottom and top. Each bag has a hole punched through the top of the bag with a 27-inch long plastic string. Laid out flat and unfilled, the bags are 26 inches long and 15 inches wide. They hold 40 pounds of sand when filled. Don’t forget to pack these along with a shovel, duct tape and a knife in your bug out kit!

Here’s my list of 30 survival uses for sandbags:

  1. Shelter or bunker
  2. Blanket—cut up and sew or taped back together to create one large sheet
  3. Collect water or water filtration
  4. Gather food, water and supplies
  5. Carry supplies, gear or food
  6. Trash or waste bag
  7. Storage
  8. Use as kindling or tinder to start a fire
  9. Take out the string to make tripwire
  10. Take out the string to make fishing line
  11. Game trap
  12. Long-term food—rice, grains, wheat, flour—storage
  13. Fill and use as weights to work out
  14. Stop a flood
  15. Fill with sand for protection or fortification from gun fire
  16. Patches for tents and tarps
  17. Cover windows
  18. Use for signaling
  19. Rip up and use as trail markers
  20. Toiletries or personal hygiene bag
  21. Hold dirty or wet laundry
  22. Emergency toilet or sanitation bag
  23. Ice pack or cold compress for injuries
  24. Makeshift poncho or boot cover
  25. Build a house
  26. Pillow or mattress
  27. Temporary tourniquet or bandage
  28. Insulation
  29. Shooting rest
  30. Use to give stuck vehicles traction

What other survival uses of sandbags can you think of? Tell me in the comment section.

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