2012 SHOT Show Special Report: Mossberg FLEX System

By CTD Mike published on in News, Reviews

Mossberg is introducing a new system of attaching furniture to their 500 series shotguns, called the FLEX System. The system makes use of standardized mounting connectors they call the Tool-Less Locking System or TLS. Mossberg is initially offering eleven FLEX System pump-action shotguns, but I can’t tell if I will be able to retrofit my beloved home defense 590 with this system or not. The TLS connector located behind the receiver will interface with nine different stocks, any of which will swap out with another in seconds with no tools needed. The stocks range from pistol grip only to short, medium, and long length of pull, an adjustable cheek piece and length of pull version, and a tactical version using an AR-15 six-position collapsible stock. There are some available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and Realtree Advantage Max-4 camo styles. Each stock (except the pistol grip, of course, and maybe that AR-15 tactical one) will be able to use three different recoil pad assemblies of different thicknesses, three-quarter inch all the way up to an inch and a half, again without using any special tools. You just mash down a button in the bottom of the stock and the recoil pads swap out. Up front, there’s a sort of chassis underneath the pump-action that various forends can attach to. I like the tactical forend a lot. It has three Picatinny rails and a built-in tape switch mounting point for tactical lights.

This whole system looks really well thought out to my eye. It is clear to me that Mossberg really did their homework in coming up with a modular system that needs no tools and makes their shotguns more flexible than ever before. Of course, you all know how easy it is to swap out barrels on a Mossberg 500, and all these guns will use the standard, inexpensive accessory barrel assemblies. So you can take a 24-inch long, ported barrel with adjustable rifle sights and take it hunting using the camouflage forend and matching camouflage stock, then come home and swap out to home defense mode with an 18.5-inch security barrel, tactical stock, and railed forend. With this system, radically changing the shotguns’ configuration like that will only take a minute or so, with no tools at all. Well done Mossberg!

 MBFlex5  MBFlex6  MBFlex7  MBFlex8  MBFlex9  MBFlex10  MBFlex11  MBFlex12

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Comments (4)

  • David


    No. Flex receivers have proprietary attachments. Currently, there is no retrofit.


  • Mike


    I want to know if Mossburg has made a retro kit for the 500.. A kit that can be attatched to the plain old 500 to make it a flex 500.


  • nathan


    i purchased my new mossberg 500 flex in realtree advantage max-4 camo at the same price you would pay for the standard model 500 in camo. if you can find it for the same price its totally worth having the flex options available for those just incase moments.


  • jestin


    I love the new mossberg flex system you can change without tools and there are so many options for it I cant say enough I love it and now I just want to know when is it going to be out on the market and where.


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