130+ Manufacturers Limit LE Sales in Anti-Gun States

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In a protest against new gun laws, more than 130 firearms dealers say they will stop selling guns to government and law enforcement officials in New York and other states unless those same firearms are also available to average citizens.


Originally, LaRue Tactical was one of a few companies that announced a new sales policy for state and local law-enforcement agencies. Cheaper Than Dirt! was also one of the early announcers. (Our sales statement is here.)

Companies have joined the protest mostly through word of mouth and in response to their customers asking about the issue. One of the toughest statements came from Olympic Arms, which is posted in the Shooter’s Log here.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has decided not to get involved. Chris Dolnack, senior vice president & chief marketing officer for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said, “Some have suggested that NSSF should bring attention to this protest movement. Individual companies are free to independently decide which customers and markets they wish to serve. However, agreeing with others to boycott certain customers or markets raises very serious legal questions concerning antitrust laws and may be illegal. Due to these antitrust concerns, NSSF is unable to promote this protest.”

Here is a current list of participating companies:


  1. 2A Armament
  2. 2A Firearms
  3. 3RI Technologies
  4. 3 Rivers Precision
  5. 556 Tactical
  6. Able Company Sports LLC
  7. Aero Precision
  8. Alex Arms
  9. Allegiance Ammunition
  10. Allstar Tactical
  11. Alpine Guns
  12. Alex Arms
  13. Allied Armory
  14. Antares Arms
  15. American Spirit Arms
  16. Ammoclip
  17. Ammodump International LLC
  18. Armtac
  19. Arrowhead Shooting Sports
  20. Badger Peak
  21. Badlands Arsenal
  22. Battle Creek Supply
  23. Barrett Firearms
  24. Big Horn Armory
  25. Big Sky Ammunition
  26. Bison Armory
  27. Bison Tactical
  28. Black Mountain Survival
  29. Boise Tactical
  30. Bravo Company USA
  31. Bullwater Enterprises
  32. C. and H. Arms
  33. Chaos Arms
  34. Cheaper Than Dirt
  35. Citizen Arms
  36. Clark Fork Tactical
  37. Climags
  38. CMMG Inc
  39. Competition Machine Inc
  40. Controlled Chaos Arms
  41. Critical Survival
  42. Crusader Weaponry
  43. Csspecs Magazines
  44. Daniel Byer FFL
  45. Dead Bang Guns
  46. Deep South Ammo
  47. Delmarva Shooting Supply
  48. DogLeg Arms
  49. Doublestar Corp (J&T Distr. & Ace LTD)
  50. DownRange Defense, LLC
  51. Element Arms
  52. Evolution Weaponry
  53. Exile Machine
  54. Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC
  55. Franklin Armory
  56. Gadsden Guns, Inc.
  57. GunUp
  58. GWACS Armory
  59. Hansohn Brothers
  60. Hawkstactical.com
  61. Head Down Products
  62. Hill Country Black Rifles
  63. Huntertown Arms
  64. III Arms Company
  65. Iron Goat Guns
  66. J&G Sales
  67. JABTAC
  68. JCW Industries
  69. Jeremy Kupper’s Gunsmithing
  70. King Armory MFG LLC
  71. Kiss Tactical
  72. Lanco Tactical
  73. LaRue Tactical
  74. Lauer Custom Weaponry
  75. Liberty Suppressors
  76. Magpul
  77. Midway USA
  78. Midwest Industries, Inc
  79. Midwest PX LLC
  80. MFI
  81. NEMO Arms
  82. Next Step Tactical, Inc
  83. Norton Firearms
  84. OCS Guns
  85. OFA Tactical
  86. OJ’s Gun Shop
  87. Old Grouch’s Military Surplus
  88. Olympic Arms
  89. One Source Tactical
  90. Paige Firearms
  91. Precision Firearms
  92. Predator Intelligence
  93. Predator Tactical
  94. Primary Weapons Systems
  95. Progressive Micro Devices
  96. Quality Arms Idaho
  97. Red Jacket Firearms
  98. Reaper Tactical LLC
  99. Rhino Arms
  100. RL Hydro-Graphix
  101. Rock River Arms
  102. RRC Firearms, LLC
  103. Shade’s Landing
  104. Rocky Top Tactical
  105. Sarco, Inc
  106. Semper Fi Arms
  107. Shade’s Landing Inc.
  108. Smith Enterprise
  109. Snake Hound Machine
  110. Southern Appalachian Arms
  111. Southwest Shooting Authority
  112. Spike’s Tactical
  113. SRT Arms
  114. Stoner Arms
  115. Tactical Solutions
  116. Templar Custom
  117. Templar Tactical Arms
  118. The Tactical Toolbox
  119. Thunder Beast Arms
  120. Tier One Arms
  121. TJ General Store
  122. Top Gun Supply
  123. Trident Armory
  124. Truly Tactical
  125. Umlaut Industries
  126. Umbrella Corp
  127. Victory Defense Consulting
  128. Vltor
  129. Volquartsen Custom
  130. Warbirds Custom Guns
  131. West Acre Sporting Goods
  132. West Desert Tactical
  133. West Fork Armory
  134. West Michigan Tactical
  135. Wilson Combat
  136. Wolfpit Tactical
  137. Wolverine Technologies, LLC
  138. Wrigley Ammunition
  139. York Arms

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